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PETJC Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box Anti-Sand Closed Cat Toilet Tray Automatic Smart APP Remote Sand Box Caja De Arena Para Gato

PETJC Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box Anti-Sand Closed Cat Toilet Tray Automatic Smart APP Remote Sand Box Caja De Arena Para Gato

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Sturdy build; the cat litter box is made from environmentally friendly PP resin. The detachable parts are built to last. The broad base offers maximum stability and reliable operation. The improved design makes the box waterproof.

Easy to use; the sand basin features automatic operation modes that take the work off your hands. Effortlessly remove the waste and clean the detachable parts when you need to. No technical skills required.
Massive size; the sizeable 67L size of the box accommodates cats of any sizes up to 10kg. Your cat is assured comfort to go about its business. The foot gaps effectively match the cats' 5mm toe opening.
Safety; the cat box features anti bite cables inside the toilet. The conch structure leaves no exposed hole and prevents cat jamming. The back of the trash can lowers to avoid the reverse button.
Automated; the box features an automatic shovel for easy dirt removal. The silent upgrade features and customized weight display options make it easy to monitor the boxes' status. The automatic self-cleaning mechanisms improve maintenance You don't need to use a shovel to turn it over, saving you valuable time. Ifully auto cleaning litter box is convenient for you to clean up the cat's excrement.It can automatically dispose of garbage for you
Cats are secretive creatures, without proper litter control, the experience of keeping a cat can turn sour fast. Automatic self -clean cat litter box gives you precise litter control and maintains fresh odor in your home.
The Automatic 4-point Gravity Induction of the built-in Toshiba chip offers a minimum weight perception of 0.001kg. The cat litter box comes with a back lower cog that prevents any reverse button. Its conch structure prevents any cat jam. The round litter box has a weight indicator at the bottom to keep track of the box's capacity.
Its detachable sand leakage pedal keeps sand in place.The futuristic design of the automatic sandbox quickly responds to pet behavior. The one-click manual/sleep mode switch allows you to control its operation. Lightly pressing the clean button sets it to cleaning mode. The machine rotates to clean up and group the waste. Long pressing sets the sandbox to sleep mode for 10hrs.
Its separated design makes the pet litter box waterproof up to down. Its detachable parts make it easy to assemble/disassemble and clean.The sand present works perfectly and will not leave any stains.
The robust and sturdy design gives the sand basin maximum stability during operation. The cat sandbox comes in easy to clean and maintain materials guaranteed to last long.Replace used cat sand with fresh one inside the toilet. Take out the trash can from behind the box and put it in a disposing bag. Connect the power supply and set the litter box to standby mode.
The cat litter box automatically senses when the cat enters and exits it and displays the weight on the screen. Thirty seconds after the cat exits the sandbox, and it immediately starts automatic cleaning. The cat box rotates twice to clean the excrement. Suppose the cat enters during the cleaning operation, the litter box automatically stops cleaning until it leaves.
Material: automotive-grade environmental-friendly antibacterial PP resin
Color: White
Size: 24 x 20 x 23inch
Weight: 28lbs

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